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Cyber security never stops. The question if your cyber security strategy is sufficient, is a question we hear very often. With the help of the Live Security Academy we have tried to answer this question for you. We hope you have gathered useful knowledge about predict, prevent, detect and respond during this educational afternoon. And not only knowledge, we have tried to give you some concrete to do’s that you can execute to make sure your security strategy is sufficient.

On this page you will find the after movie and presentations of the event so that you can once more, take it all in at your own pace. If you have question, please let us know through the contact form.

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Philippe Bogaerts

Philippe Bogaerts has more than 20 years of experience in network, web application security and large scale web applications. Firewall deployments have learned him that a good and complete open minded understanding of the entire security architecture and landscape is key in delivering future proof, robust and secure applications.

Philippe is working as a senior systems engineer for Avi Networks. Together with an enthusiastic team he runs the successful security conference BruCON. Philippe recently started to focus on the security aspects of container solutions (Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, etc.), which will be the topic of his presentation.

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Inti De Ceukelaire ‍

Inti De Ceukelaire is a Belgian ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter. He has made national headlines numerous times with his security awareness stunts, reaching from manipulating the twitter account of US President Donald Trump to publishing fake news on the Vactican's website.

As an ethical hacker, Inti hunts down security vulnerabilities in companies like Facebook, Google, Dropbox and the US Department of Defense. This summer, Inti was awarded the 'Most Valuable Hacker' award, one of the most prestigious titles an ethical hacker can receive.

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Leszek Tasiemski

Leszek Tasiemski is a VP of B2B R&D at F-Secure. He is responsible for the Rapid Detection Center and the technology behind the business cyber security solutions portfolio of F-Secure.
He has many years of experience in performing penetration tests and forensic analyses, mainly for the European financial sector.

Leszek is an enthusiastic implementer of Machine Learning applications in detecting cyber attacks. Graduated from Computer Science, Economics and MBA. He currently studies Psychology. Leszek is active as a mentor for start-ups and is a certified yoga teacher.

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Tom Van de Wiele

Tom Van de Wiele is Principal Cyber Security Consultant at F-Secure with 15 years of experience in information security. He specializes in red team operations and targeted penetration testing for the financial, gaming and service industry.

When not breaking into banks Tom acts as an adviser on topics such as critical infrastructure and IoT as well as incident response and cyber crime.

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